• Important Dates

    Registration Opens: NOW! Registration Closes:Jan.26th Contact your Pal No Later Than: Feb. 1st Packages should be received by March 1st. Please keep this in mind when shipping!

Let’s Sign up!**(edited)

The Signups are open!

To sign up for the cocoa swap, please review the swap requirements and then email the following information to Michelle, your cocoa swap hostess:

Full Name
Mailing address
secret email address
regular email address
blog address
any allergies or concerns that should be noted

Ravelry ID if you have one ** (added 12/29)

Here’s the addy to send to


PS … I’m travelling today and won’t be home until late this evening.  I’ll be unable to address any questions/concerns until then.

I re-opened the Ravelry Cocoa Swap group for those on Ravelry!