• Important Dates

    Registration Opens: NOW! Registration Closes:Jan.26th Contact your Pal No Later Than: Feb. 1st Packages should be received by March 1st. Please keep this in mind when shipping!


Registration Opens January 4th

Welcome to our third round of the cocoa swap!  The registration will open on January 4th and close at 100 participants, or January 29th, 2009, whichever comes first!

If you’d like to be a sponsor, it would be great!! Just drop me an email at knitklatch@gmail.com and we’ll chat.

Requirements are very similar to the last round – and are below. I’ll post the Questionnaire in a week or so!

  • You must have a blog, and you must post frequently. Yup, I know it is hard for some folks, it is just WAY easier for your pal to get to know you if there’s actually some information and posting on your blog. What do I mean by frequently? Once a week, minimum.
  • You must be willing to stay in contact with your pal. This is really important.  I know people are busy,  I’m busy too!  I don’t want to have to also babysit my swap. We’re all adults. If you don’t think you will have time to check in with your pal at least twice per month, please don’t join.
  • You must have an anonymous email address. We’ll ask for it with registration. Not because we need to know, but in the hopes of eliminating confusion for people who aren’t familiar with it. It’s important that you test your anonymous email before we send it to your swap pal so that you’re sure you name doesn’t show. Need to test? Drop an email to me and I’ll let you know if your name shows!
  • You must not have bad swap history. If you have filched in any of Anne’s dishcloth swaps, coffee swaps, the last cocoa swap, or the Knitter’s Virtual Vacation Swap, save us both the stress of trying to sign up – unless you had a real life reason to be late or not send, you won’t be allowed in.
  • You must reside in the US or Canada. I’m sorry to exclude the international participants however international postage has really gotten quite expensive over the last year.  If you are interested in setting up an international Cocoa Swap I’ll be more than happy to help you get it up and running, just shoot me an email.

Package Requirements

Here’s what you have to send. Yes, it’s the minimum. Yes, you can send more – just be aware that your pal may not want to, or have the resources to, so expect and plan for only receiving the minimum value from your pal as well.

  • Cocoa. Gourmet or grocery store bought… but whatever you send should be what ever your pal prefers.
  • Enough Yarn for a Small project. The absolute minimum would be 100g, but in most cases, a bit more is nice
  • Buddy Buster. I really liked this part last time – knit a special toy for your pal that celebrates your pals personality.  It is very important that this be a hand knit or sewn item made by you.  If you don’t think you can fulfill this requirement please pass on this swap.
  • Treats! Winter themed items, a cocoa mug, some special add-ins, chocolate or other goodies – again, this is very open, just send things your pal might enjoy!
  • Knitting goodies.  Please send a minimum of one knitting treat, stitch markers, a chibby, yarn cutter, needles or some other knit goody you see fit.
  • Minimum value: $30 US
  • Package must be received BY March 1 st (ie, mailed by February 21 st.)

4 Responses

  1. Ok I am in. I am emailing you as well

  2. I want to be in as well. This is cool.
    Hugs Patt

  3. I’m in:)Hugs Darcy

  4. Please count me in! I am going to go play with my knitting needles and toys!

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