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Showing off…

Hey Monica

over here…

I wanted to show you the luscious cocoa stirrer that will be on it’s way to you today… 🙂



This cocoa stirrer was handcrafted by Leslie Wind, a friend of Darcy’s 🙂 She also makes other beautifully crafted knitting cable needle/necklaces … if you have the time you all should check out her site!  I thinkher work  is so beautiful.. I plan to order some cocoa stirrers this summer as gifts for Christmas next winter 🙂  Enjoy!!!

Buddy Contest :-)

It’s time! 🙂  We’re voting again.. just like last time, email me at cocoaswaphostess(at)gmail(dot)com with the buddy you like best! 🙂

If I have missed anyone’s buddy, PLEASE email me asap so I can include it 🙂

1.   Doggie6 7

2. Giraffe



3.  Froggie



4.  Sheep Key Ring




5. Wilbur the FLying Pig


6. Sleepy Dog



7. Marshmallow


8. Felted Bag with Mitten Charm


9. Black Kitty



10. Glow in the Dark Kitty


11. Sheep in sweater



12. Naked Sheep


13. Winter Sheep (sweater, leg warmers, and hat)



Same rules as the first contest with votes… only one vote, and you cannot vote for your own.  Please submit your vote by Friday March 6th, midnight 🙂  I’ll announce the winner on Saturday.

at this date there is only one participant who has not yet received her package … I have been in touch with her and her pal, and  am confident that she’ll receive very soon! 🙂  It’s been such a pleasure doing this swap with all of you!

Buddy’s coming …

Hey all, The buddy’s are coming.. I promise before the end of today.. I just have a few things that are taking priority at the moment…

Please check back later for the photos!



Just call me Homer,…

Sorry gang.. seems I mispoke…

when I originally announced the blah buddy contest… here’s what I”d written…

4. Blah Buddy Contest – Before you send off your package, do take a photo of your blah buddy and we will generate a post for you to post your photo to.  We will then have anonymous voting for your very favorite buddy!  There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes for this contest! :-) I can’t wait to see everyone’s buddies!

It’s also in the Contests tab across the top… sheesh… and some folks have already sent me photos of the buddy they created… so… because of the confusion of my announcing in the recent post that you should send me the one you RECEIVE… gah!  I want to RESTATE… you should send the one you knit… Please send a photo by FRIDAY  Feb 27th 12AM (midnight) EST 🙂

Sorry… sometimes I just get too busy for my own good…

Please send a photo of the buddy you KNIT for your pal…

I humbly apologize for the confusion!

Weekly Topic Winner

The weekly topics had a total of 41 comments (for corresponding posts).. and our random number generator gave us:

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Comment # 33 in the Weekly topics belongs to:

Mary Lynn, on January 29th, 2009 at 2:06 pm

Congratulations Mary Lynn! 🙂  You are the winner of a set of stitch markers from Ruth.  Ruth I’ll email you Mary Lynn’s mailing info asap 🙂

Marshmallow Winners!

Hey there everyone…  it’s time to announce the winners of the Marshmallow man contest… y’all are so creative with your yarn and sweet treats I have to say… I loved them ALL… 🙂

But the votes were up to you.. and here are our winners…

In First place, and the winner of a custom designed (and unbelieveably gorgeous) cocoa swizzle stick from Leslie Wind (I’ll post photos later today)…

Monica, with her Diver!


In second  place, and the winner of a skein of sock yarn from Kathy, Laurie with her horse!


And… finally, in third place, in a three way tie, the winners of stitch markers and goodies from yours truly….

Ruth with T-Rex


Darcy with the Marshmallow roast


And Kathy with her luxurious beach girl!


Congratulations everyone… for your creative ideas in the marshmallow sculpting arena! 🙂

As a reminder… you have until this coming Friday to post pics of your blue buster buddy, please do send by email.. I know many have posted in their Ravelry but I just can’t go hunting them all down… email the photo of the buddy you received (not the one you knit) to cocoaswaphostess (at) gmail (dot) com by Friday Feb 28th midnight EST.  I have received a few photos already… I do hope that everyone will participate in this contest… because you all worked so hard on knitting up your buddies 🙂

I will post the topic of the week winner tomorrow afternoon! 🙂 so stay tuned for more ‘winner’ announcements!!!

Marshmallow contest – Time To Vote!

Hello everyone…  I’ve received the photos of your marshmallow creations and it’s time to vote for your favorite… I loved them all… we are quite a creative bunch here….

here’s what we’re going to do…

I’m going to post all the photos of the marshmallow’s below, and you are going to vote by sending an email to cocoaswaphostess (at) gmail (dot) com listing your  favorite marshmallow creation.

You get one vote and you cannot vote for your own creation!  The photos will not be labeled with names or attached to blogs… for anonymity…

Votes must be received by Friday February 20th, midnight 🙂  Everyone can vote, even if they did NOT participate in this round… so please.. please.. please vote!!!

Have fun!

1.  Marshmallow Diver


2. T-Rex Ambush


3. Knitters


4.  Roasted



5. Horse


6. Red taking time out to enjoy a cup of cocoa!



7. Cocoa Paradise


I hope you all take the time to vote for your favorite! 🙂 we have some fabulous prizes!!!