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Buddy Contest Winners

All of the buddy’s are absolutely adorable…  but the top 3 are….

Drum roll please…..

In Third place…

4The Marshmallow!  Knit by Alicia !!!! Great job Alicia! 🙂  You have won a set of stitch markers ‘by me’… feel free to check my blog from yesterday.. I haven’t added any of these stitch markers to my Etsy shop yet and will happily send any of them to you 🙂

In Second place

3273168874_6d29532391Ruth’s Giraffe!  Ruth, I’m going to send you something other than stitch markers as I just sent a set to you for your marshmallow win 🙂

And… our first place winner…

14Darcy’s sheepy !!! Darcy you’re the winner of a ‘blog revamp’ courtesy of Monica… I’m sure she’ll be in touch with you shortly regarding your prize!

Thank you everyone for another fun swap!

-Michelle and Holly

11 Responses

  1. I’m grinning I cant believe Sheep Sheep won:)
    I just got my stitch markers and mug and home made marshmellows today and Tom took one to share with Alora even though I said no touching till I get a picture;) I have been in many swaps but this is my first time winning.I knit sheep sheep during my pre op tests and naughtily the day after surgery I wanted to make him soft and squishy for Chan to cuddle.Sheep Sheep is a sentimental project for me because of that and because it was my first time doing an entire project on dpn’s and first time working with a chart also a first working on 0 needles.I think about him riding around with Chan in her knitting purse and getting to live with my favorite fur girls and I feel happy.Thankyou everyone you all have made me cry happy tears and the surgery was a success I’m doing great.I’m sad to see the swap end and I want to thank everyone for there gifts and cards and wonderful emails during my surgery and recovery.(((((((Hugging Swap Group)))))) Darcy

  2. Yay Sheep sheep! I can’t wait to tell him… Congrats to all the winners, but especially Darcy.

  3. YAY! I’m honored to have placed among such competition!
    Thanks guys! Also, Thank you for holding such an awesome swap and having such fun contests Michelle!
    (Darcy I am so glad to hear your doing well!)

  4. Splee! I’m so happy the Giraffe was so well recieved! I’m not that great with the ami, as you can see by his left arm. It’s kind-of a club arm. (We don’t discuss it as it makes him self-conscious.)

    Thanks Michelle and Holly! This has been such a great swap! I can’t wait for the next one….

  5. Congrats everyone. I had a hard time voting. i even asked Michelle if I could vote for them all, she said NO. 😦

    I look forward to next years swap too…

  6. Just so you all know… if Kathy had voted for ALL it wouldn’t have changed the outcome 😉 I agree though.. they were all lovely!

  7. I am so excited for all the winners. I am thrilled my bff Darcy’s sheep sheep won I know the hard work and long hours and driving back and forth to Bakersfield while recouping from surgery you put in. He definitely was a labor of love.

    I am also thrilled that the beautiful Giraffe that Ruth made me won. I adore giraffes and I was sure that whoever my partner was wouldn’t find a pattern to knit one. I love him and he sits on my desk and smiles at me everyday. He definitely makes me happy and chases my Blahs away. 🙂

  8. Oh and he is crocheted 🙂 No Ruth he does NOT have a club arm LOL

  9. I agree the giraffe is fabulous and I have threatened to kidnap him on several occasions;) I had a hard time voting for just one they are all so unique it made it hard to choose.(((((Hugs)))))) Darcy

  10. YAAAY Sheep sheep!! I’m so excited to start on your blog revamp Darcy… or whatever you’d like some tech help with. 🙂

  11. Got my winning package today! Love the yarn! Thanks Michelle!

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