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Buddy Contest Winners

All of the buddy’s are absolutely adorable…  but the top 3 are….

Drum roll please…..

In Third place…

4The Marshmallow!  Knit by Alicia !!!! Great job Alicia! 🙂  You have won a set of stitch markers ‘by me’… feel free to check my blog from yesterday.. I haven’t added any of these stitch markers to my Etsy shop yet and will happily send any of them to you 🙂

In Second place

3273168874_6d29532391Ruth’s Giraffe!  Ruth, I’m going to send you something other than stitch markers as I just sent a set to you for your marshmallow win 🙂

And… our first place winner…

14Darcy’s sheepy !!! Darcy you’re the winner of a ‘blog revamp’ courtesy of Monica… I’m sure she’ll be in touch with you shortly regarding your prize!

Thank you everyone for another fun swap!

-Michelle and Holly