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Marshmallow Winners!

Hey there everyone…  it’s time to announce the winners of the Marshmallow man contest… y’all are so creative with your yarn and sweet treats I have to say… I loved them ALL… 🙂

But the votes were up to you.. and here are our winners…

In First place, and the winner of a custom designed (and unbelieveably gorgeous) cocoa swizzle stick from Leslie Wind (I’ll post photos later today)…

Monica, with her Diver!


In second  place, and the winner of a skein of sock yarn from Kathy, Laurie with her horse!


And… finally, in third place, in a three way tie, the winners of stitch markers and goodies from yours truly….

Ruth with T-Rex


Darcy with the Marshmallow roast


And Kathy with her luxurious beach girl!


Congratulations everyone… for your creative ideas in the marshmallow sculpting arena! 🙂

As a reminder… you have until this coming Friday to post pics of your blue buster buddy, please do send by email.. I know many have posted in their Ravelry but I just can’t go hunting them all down… email the photo of the buddy you received (not the one you knit) to cocoaswaphostess (at) gmail (dot) com by Friday Feb 28th midnight EST.  I have received a few photos already… I do hope that everyone will participate in this contest… because you all worked so hard on knitting up your buddies 🙂

I will post the topic of the week winner tomorrow afternoon! 🙂 so stay tuned for more ‘winner’ announcements!!!

4 Responses

  1. Congrats to everyone who won… I really loved all the creations. I think I might start planning next years NOW so I will be better prepared for Cocoa Swap 3, LOL

  2. OH man! I got it all screwed up! Haha! I sent you the buddy I KNITTED! DOH! Will send you the one I received when I get home!

  3. Now I am confused. In the contests section it says to send a picture BEFORE you mail your package of the buddy you knit. Do we send another one of the buddy we received?
    Please Clarify 🙂

  4. Aw I had so much fun making the diver! My mom helped and she was like “this is so cool!!” Maybe next time I’ll make HER participate in the swap… just gotta get her knitting again!!!

    Thanks for everyone who voted for me. I love how all of the entries were so uniquely different. Gotta send in photos of the buddy Penny knit me!!

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