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Marshmallow contest – Time To Vote!

Hello everyone…  I’ve received the photos of your marshmallow creations and it’s time to vote for your favorite… I loved them all… we are quite a creative bunch here….

here’s what we’re going to do…

I’m going to post all the photos of the marshmallow’s below, and you are going to vote by sending an email to cocoaswaphostess (at) gmail (dot) com listing your  favorite marshmallow creation.

You get one vote and you cannot vote for your own creation!  The photos will not be labeled with names or attached to blogs… for anonymity…

Votes must be received by Friday February 20th, midnight 🙂  Everyone can vote, even if they did NOT participate in this round… so please.. please.. please vote!!!

Have fun!

1.  Marshmallow Diver


2. T-Rex Ambush


3. Knitters


4.  Roasted



5. Horse


6. Red taking time out to enjoy a cup of cocoa!



7. Cocoa Paradise


I hope you all take the time to vote for your favorite! 🙂 we have some fabulous prizes!!!