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Topic of the Week #4 (the last one!)

Hey all, by now I hope all your packages are on their way to your partners, and that you’re just eagerly awaiting yours to arrive now!  You still have another week to create your marshmallow buddies (EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE!!!)… we’ve already received one entry… I can’t wait to see what ideas you come up with!  So.. onto our final topic of the week… remember to blog this on your blog and comment here for an entry into the Topic of the week contest!

As we head into those doldrum parts of the Winter season (thank you very much Puxatawney Phil for seeing your shadow yet again)…  It makes you dream of the seasons you love…  What is your favorite season?  What do you love most about that season?  and… What is your favorite thing to do NOW to  keep you from stressing about MORE winter to go?

Yesterday my family took a lovely trip (I’ll blog about this in more detail after I get the kids off to school of course)… to an indoor waterpark here in the Poconos.  What a wonderful day we had…  I’ll leave you with a taste of summer….

5 Responses

  1. I blogged topic of the week #4 here:http://darcyknottyknitter.blogspot.com/2009/02/cocoa-swap-topic-of-week-4.html
    Iam kind of sad to see the swap come to a end.(((Hugs))) Darcy

  2. I blogged it!!! 🙂

  3. gee Michelle – my in laws live in Gouldsboro, so you must be closeish to them.

    Hope you had fun at the water park!


  4. I finally remembered to post my Cocoa Swap topic #4 tonight. I actually blogged and then remembered I forgot so I edited it, lol Here is the link


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