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An apology and reminder or two

Hey all,

I want to apologize for not being very active on your blogs this past week or two… I’ve been insanely busy with my children’s school schedules and then came down with the stomach flu.  I’m alive enough to sit at the computer for a few minutes today.. so I wanted to get on here to tell you all that I feel badly for not getting online more in the last week or so…

Also I want to remind you that tomorrow is technically ‘mailing’ day… you should have your packages ready to go!  If not, please be sure you communicate with your pal regarding your timeline so that all lines of communication are open here.  If you have already mailed/received.. please comment here so we can start keeping a list of those who’ve received… and also do take a photo of your buddy and email it to the hostess email (cocoaswaphostess at gmail dot com)  so that we can enter him/her into the buddy contest! 🙂

An additional reminder… regarding contests… everyone is eligible for all contests.. even if you didn’t donate a prize.. so please.. enter as often as you can! 🙂

Hope you all are healthy and having a great week!

7 Responses

  1. I sent to Becca and she’s already received and posted on the Ravelry group site.

  2. I sent off my package:) Darcy

  3. My package was mailed last week

  4. My package is going off today.

  5. It was mailed and she has received.

  6. I received my most wonderful package and blogged about it here.

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