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Weekly Topic #3

Hello everyone!  I really enjoyed reading all of your cocoa recipes/preparation techniques, and special secrets to the best cup of cocoa… I’m surely going to try a bunch of them.. YUM!  Last weeks topic is one that gets you and entry into the ‘topic’ contest…  so there are no prize announcements today!

Today’s topic will  get you an additional entry!
Marshmallows/Whipped Cream – The big debate.

How do you prefer you top your cocoa?  If you like marshmallows, do they need to be the big ones, little ones, homemade, gourmet, flavored?  If it’s whipped cream, is it fresh, the kind in the can, flavored?  Or are you a fluff gal?  Or… do you like your cocoa naked?  Tell us about how you top off your favorite cup of chocolate!

This week is Catholic schools week at my children’s school.  I will be busy with a LOT of daily activities there, so I may not get to reading blogs until the weekend.  Know that even if  I don’t comment on your blog every week, I do go and read! 🙂

– Michelle

11 Responses

  1. […] How about cocoa topic #3? […]

  2. It’s scheduled to post this evening!

  3. I posted:)Hugs Darcy

  4. Posted! You always do that… I’m hungry again 😉

  5. I posted too 🙂

  6. Mine is posted 🙂

  7. Mine is posted. Sorry I missed the others.

  8. I did my post a day or two ago, just forgot to say it here.

  9. I posted mine.

    I forgot to tell you about it.

    My husband is a 1st grade teacher at a Catholic Elementary School. His principal has scheduled mucho activities. He was thrilled that yesterday was a snow day. LOL

  10. I posted!

  11. I forgot to post that I posted. But I did post. (how many tenses of the word post can I use in this post? :)!) Happy Monday.

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