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And now a word from our sponsors!

Good morning everyone!  By now you should have heard from your secret partner.. and I hope that you have managed to at least exchange one email between each other.  If you have not yet heard from your partner, please let me know so I can contact them directly.  I know that we get busy at times but it is important to at least be in touch with your partner every other week at a minimum. 🙂

Before I forget I noticed a ‘problem’ in my pal information email that I sent y’all last week.  I had noted that your packages needed to be received by Feb. 7th and that date is incorrect.  You shoul receive your packages by Feb. 14th.. and in most cases you should mail by the 7th 🙂   please note that date.. I don’t want to short you a week in your preparations!

I have been remiss in mentioning a few things… first,… my swap co-hostess Holly.  Holly is the sweetest gal you’ll ever meet.  We met through a swap in fact.  She had me as her downstream swap pal in the Coffee Swap at the end of 2007.  We connected immediately and have been close pals ever since.  She’s like a sister to me! 🙂  Holly was recently accepted to Nursing School, so she’s really keeping herself busy with her two boys, work and school.. and then.. this swap too! 🙂

Also, I’ve been remiss in mentioning our sponsors… The sponsors are donating a prize item for our various contests 🙂  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

In no particular order…

Kathy – Kathy and I met through Weight Watchers website.  She’s a lovely woman with an amazingly cute grandson.  Kathy has an etsy shop with her friend Shelly, and she will be donating a skein of sock yarn.

Darcy (and Leslie) – Oooh Darcy and her friend Leslie have designed a sterling and bronze cocoa swizzle stick.. doesn’t it sound cool!! Leslie has a shop selling her other knitting goods 🙂  And.. as it turns out… she’s from my (original) neck of the woods…  🙂

Michelle – Yes me… I have an etsy shop with handmade stitch markers.  I don’t mean to make a gross plug for my shop (I’ve actually neglected it a lot these last few months)… it’s just that I love doing the beading and have plenty of supplies around to sponsor a prize for one of our contests!

Monica – Monica and I also met through swaps… she’s a doll.  Monica is donating a ‘blog revamp’.  Monica is great at designing blogs… so whoever wins this prize is quite lucky!

Laurie – Laurie has a Hyena cart shop and has generously donated a gorgeous skein of BFL 102G Hand dyed by her in Strawberry Cheesecake colorway.  Doesn’t it look luscious!


Ruth – Ruth has sweetly donated a set of her handmade stitch markers.  Ruth’s etsy shop is here

If there’s anyone else who would like to sponsor a prize feel free to let me know!  I’ll gladly add you to our list! 🙂
Speaking of prizes… I will be posting our first contest a little later today! 🙂 Check back ok!