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The questionnaire is available!

Welcome to the Cocoa swap! 🙂  I posted the questionnaire (which should have it’s own lovely tab right across the top of our blog)… please check it out and be prepared to post your answers to the questionnaire on your blog (and even here.. see below) by Next Sunday (1/11/09)  We have a small group this round which is very nice and cozy and has me even more excited than in the previous swap because I feel like I have the opportunity (as do you) to actually get to know everyone in the swap!

The swap signups are open through today.. so if you have friends who are interested in signing up… get them to get over here quick!!

I will be adding you all (you should receive an email invite) to be contributors to the blog.  What that means is you will be able to post to this blog!  It will be nice because we can all have the opportunity to read your questionnaires etc. right here!  I will be more than happy to help anyone who is unfamiliary with WordPress and will try to put together a posting tutorial today or tomorrow (my FIL is in town for the night so don’t hold your breath too long!)…

After 1/11/09 (the final date for questionnaires) we will begin weekly contests, sometimes it will be a topic that you must post to your blog (as a form of keeping the communication going).. sometimes it might be a hands on type thing… stay tuned!!!  I have info to come regarding prizes and contests so stay tuned! 🙂

For those who are curious about the blah buster buddy… Ravelry is LOADED with free ‘toy’ patterns in their treasury of patterns…  If there is anyone not on ravelry, please let me know in a comment to this post so that I can put up some links to great free patterns that probably are also in ravelry but are not limited to Ravelry users…

Additionally, as a reminder I did re-open the Cocoa Swap Group on Ravelry… feel free to stop there to chat with your fellow swappers!

Let’s Get Started!!!