• Important Dates

    Registration Opens: NOW! Registration Closes:Jan.26th Contact your Pal No Later Than: Feb. 1st Packages should be received by March 1st. Please keep this in mind when shipping!

Let’s Sign up!**(edited)

The Signups are open!

To sign up for the cocoa swap, please review the swap requirements and then email the following information to Michelle, your cocoa swap hostess:

Full Name
Mailing address
secret email address
regular email address
blog address
any allergies or concerns that should be noted

Ravelry ID if you have one ** (added 12/29)

Here’s the addy to send to


PS … I’m travelling today and won’t be home until late this evening.  I’ll be unable to address any questions/concerns until then.

I re-opened the Ravelry Cocoa Swap group for those on Ravelry!

Yay, you’re getting excited!

Hey there!  I’m so glad to see we’re already getting interested individuals for the swap.  I too am very excited and glad that I got the word out now or (considering my schedule that I’ll talk about briefly below)… well, I might not have been able to start the swap at all…

I received some super awesome buttons and a new banner which I”ll post momentarily… please feel free to grab a button and link it back to the swap page!

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Just a word of NOTE for everyone…

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, remember that signups begin on December 28th.  I really really don’t want anyone to miss out because they commented now that they want to be in , but forget to sign up then…

Also… please don’t take offense if I don’t write back to comments at the moment… I am volunteering like a madwoman on the church choir’s Lesson’s and Carols which happens on the 23rd of December, on the school Christmas play and concert, and in each of my three childrens classrooms from now through the start of the holiday break… I’m SLAMMING busy until after the 28th actually….. and, I’ll even be travelling home on the 28th from the in-laws…

Who’s ready for some cocoa?

We’re ready to publish the swap!  We hope you’re as excited as we are!!!!  Check out the requirements page for details… contest to pimp the swap coming next week!

Stayed tuned….

Info coming this week about the Cocoa Swap!  We’re just about ready to roll!