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The matches have gone out!

And I hope you’ll all have fun finding out about each other while cocoa swapping!

I’m reading everyone’s questionnaires and it’s fun to see the similarities along with the differences.

I’m not much of a blogger, but I really do hope we can have some fun while swapping.


Matches go out in a day or so!

This is a very small swap!  I need to hear from two more people if they want to participate, and then I can send you your matches.

The most important thing is to have fun!

Signup email!

Want to sign up?

Email me with your contact info at:



Are you ready to Cocoa Swap 3?

I apologize for the delay, but Cocoa Swap 3 is on and ready to go!

Swap Signups start today and go until we reach either 100 participants or- reach the deadline of  January 26th.

I had a wonderful time last time and I hope we can all have as much fun this time!

A new swap headed your way!



There’s a cocoa swap 3 coming your way!  This round will be hosted by Kate!  She’ll be by with an introduction very soon!!  Keep your eyes and ears peeled.. and if you’re interested in the swap,  comment on this post!


-Your old swap hostess… Michelle

Buddy Contest Winners

All of the buddy’s are absolutely adorable…  but the top 3 are….

Drum roll please…..

In Third place…

4The Marshmallow!  Knit by Alicia !!!! Great job Alicia! 🙂  You have won a set of stitch markers ‘by me’… feel free to check my blog from yesterday.. I haven’t added any of these stitch markers to my Etsy shop yet and will happily send any of them to you 🙂

In Second place

3273168874_6d29532391Ruth’s Giraffe!  Ruth, I’m going to send you something other than stitch markers as I just sent a set to you for your marshmallow win 🙂

And… our first place winner…

14Darcy’s sheepy !!! Darcy you’re the winner of a ‘blog revamp’ courtesy of Monica… I’m sure she’ll be in touch with you shortly regarding your prize!

Thank you everyone for another fun swap!

-Michelle and Holly


Come on!

Ladies.. we only have 10 votes ….

I’m extending the vote deadline 2 more days and will announce a winner on Monday… 🙂